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Isolated Medical Provider Aftercare Team 

Created by and for rural clinicians, the Isolated Medical Provider Aftercare Team (IMPACT) offers confidential peer-to-peer support to rural physicians and to nurses in remote nursing stations in British Columbia who have experienced a potentially challenging incident in the course of their work.

“The physicians are grateful to know someone is out there who cares. And for the most part they are doing a very good job coping with supports in their communities and integrating their experiences.”
Dr. Blair Stanley


Offering IMPACT province-wide

The team continued to raise awareness about the IMPACT program by reaching out to providers, health authorities and other partners through posters, social media and information sheets, plus meeting with regional and provincial contacts. By connecting with providers through IMPACT and fostering a culture of support, providers can talk about challenging experiences with a peer. This opportunity to process a difficult experience makes a huge difference, creating space to prioritize well-being and grow resilience to continue in rural practice. 

Provincial partnerships & sharing learnings 

The IMPACT team connects regularly with the BC Physician Health Program and the peer support community of practice to exchange knowledge and experiences around IMPACT and other peer support programs in British Columbia. They also continue to meet and strengthen our partnership with BC Emergency Health Services and the Patient Transfer Coordinator team, creating new avenues for notification when a provider has been affected by a challenging event.  

Partnership work

IMPACT partners with BCEHS and the Patient Transfer Coordinator team. If a Patient Transfer Coordinator handles a call meeting the criteria of the IMPACT program they can call the voicemail line and ask for a peer supporter to reach out to the affected provider. 

Plans for the Future

Through the next year IMPACT will continue to promote the availability of this peer support resource for rural and remote providers.

The team plans to continue strengthening their partnership with BC Emergency Health Services and the Patient Transfer Team. They will also be participating in ongoing collaboration with the Physician Health Program, and exchange learnings with other physician peer support programs in the province.

Team Members

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