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Parenting in Practice

Parenting in Practice helps embed and normalize parenting in medical practice. The group is dedicated to increasing awareness and support for parents in practice, as well as advocating for and improving the futures of rural physicians, their families and their communities.

“One of our biggest success stories this year was being able to grow the group, including recruiting engaged physicians who are actively interested in including parenting as a core aspect of working in rural medicine.”
Dr. Charuka Maheswaran


Conference success

Parenting in Practice lead Dr. Charuka Maheswaran presented on “the highs and lows of parenting in medicine” at the 2023 Rural Health Conference in Whistler. The talk was attended by around 30 people. The talk was successful; participants gave great feedback and it helped to increase awareness of the function of the working group.  

Working group growth

The Parenting in Practice working group grew by three new members in 2023 with new members recruited based on their participation in a survey conducted over four months from March 2023-July 2023.

Knowledge translation

A research poster detailing the results of our environmental scan of the barriers faced by parents who practice rural medicine was accepted into the Northern BC Research and Quality Conference. It was displayed at the conference during the first week of November in Prince George. We were also able to present our survey findings at the BC Rural Health Research Exchange (BCRHRx) in November 2023.  

Explore the numbers

57 Survey respondents

57 Survey respondents

57 providers responded to the Parenting in Practice survey.

95% positive feedback

95% positive feedback

95% of reviews from the Parenting in Practice presentation at RHC were overwhelmingly positive.

200% Member increase

200% Member increase

Three new members joined the Parenting in Practice working group, representing a 200% increase in membership.

Plans for the Future

The group hopes to continue its efforts to embed and normalize parenting in rural medical practice. It will leverage the Facebook group and other communication channels to tell stories about the experiences of parents who practice rural medicine. The group would also like to continue to leverage opportunities to spread awareness of some of the issues faced by working parents, including speaking engagements at conferences and events.

Team Members

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