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Sessional & Expense Claims

Banking Information Requirements

Physicians | Sessional Payments


Sessional payments for physicians will be processed through Doctors of BC. Please ensure your banking details with Doctors of BC are up to date in order to receive sessional payments.


  1. Click Member Login and enter your details at
  2. Click on My Details > Bank Accounts > Add an account
  3. Link your bank account to HON-PAY, SES-PAY, & HON-EXP.  If you have already added your bank account previously, make sure it is linked to receive payment.


Note: you do not have to be a member of Doctors of BC to login to your account on the website. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please reach out to [email protected].


Non-Physicians | Sessional Payments
Physicians and non-physicians | Expense Reimbursements


All expense reimbursements, as well as sessional payments for anyone other than a physician, will be processed through an electronic funds transfer. If your EFT information is not on file with RCCbc, or is potentially out of date, you will need to submit an EFT form before submitting your claim. Please email [email protected] for an online EFT form, or download this fillable PDF to sign and return to RCCbc.



GST Registration Designation Form

Physicians who are subject to paying GST on services through their corporations must charge GST on their Sessional time. Where physicians provide the Doctors of BC with a Canada Revenue Agency GST registration number, GST will be automatically added to the established Sessional rates.
If you need to charge GST on your Sessional time, please download the GST Designation Form to sign and return to RCCbc.

Sessional Payment

Effective April 1st, 2023, RCCbc will provide a Joint Collaborative Committee (JCC) rate of $171.05 per hour for consulting services on RCCbc business for both Family Physicians and Specialists.


Reimbursement Policy

Claims must be submitted within 3 months of meeting date.


Itemized receipts must be submitted with expense claim forms.


Reimbursement will be made for mileage over 50km round trip.


Flights will not be reimbursed above FLEX fare, unless pre-approved.


Meals consumed will be reimbursed as per diems at the rates below. Use discretion on claiming per diems in relation to actual expenses.


  • Breakfast: $20.00
  • Lunch: $30.00
  • Dinner: $45.00


Meals that are paid for working meals and/or part of a program require itemized receipts. Please note that RCCbc will not fund or reimburse alcohol expenses.

Hotel Overnight Stipends

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