• Kitsault is an unincorporated settlement on the North Coast of BC, at the head of Alice Arm, Observatory Inlet and at the mouth of the Kitsault River. The locality of Alice Arm and the Nisga’a community of Gits’oohl (formerly Gitzault Indian Reserve No. 24) are in the immediate vicinity. “Kitsault” is an adaptation of Gits’oohl, which means “a ways in behind”.

    The town of Kitsault was established in 1979 as the home community to a molybdenum mine and the community was designed for 1,200 residents and even included a shopping mall, restaurant, swimming pool and bowling alley. In 1982, however, stock prices for molybdenum crashed and the entire community was evacuated after just 18 months of residence. Then in 2005, the entire ghost town was bought by Indian-American businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran.

    Currently, Kitsault is a resource community with complete community infrastructure and housing for more than 1,000 residents with nearly 350 acres land of industrial land, full BC Hydro service, and a deep water port. Kitsault is a proposed location for a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal site to export natural gas. LNG pipeline routing to Kitsault has already been proposed. Kitsault Energy is in the process of consulting First Nations communities about training, education and employment opportunities.

  • Village Population: 20 (2016 Census)

    There are no general practitioners yet in this community.

    The nearest health services are in New Aiyansh.