• From the Wet’suwet’en web site:

    Nee-Tahi-Buhn is the name for Francois Lake, and means, “it fills at one end and empties at the other.”

    Nee Tahi Buhn Band is an independent band.The Nee Tahi Buhn Band is part of the Athapaskan language family.The Nee Tahi Buhn Band people speak the Wet’suwet’en dialect of the BulkleyValley/Lakes District langauge.

    We participate in the balhats (potlatch) system which is organized by matrilineal clans. It is our way to take care of business. Economic, social, judicial and spiritual activities revolve around the balhats.

    The Clans of the Nee Tahi Buhn Band are Gilseyhu (Big Frog), Laksilyu (Small Frog), Gitdumden (Wolf/Bear), Laksamashu (Fireweed) and Tsayu (Beaver). In the feast hall the Laksamashu and Tsayu work together.

  • Total Population: 323 (BC Assembly of First Nations)

  • Primary care services are provided through Carrier Sekani Family Services.

    Nee-Tahi-Buhn band members may access health care services in-person at:

    Southside Health and Wellness Centre
    27920 Wellness Way, Grassy Plains BC
    Hours: Mon to Fri, 8:30 – 4:30 closed from 12:00 -1:00 for lunch.

    Phone: 250-694-3270 | Fax: 250-694-3290
    Email: southsidewellness@hotmail.com

    The nearest hospital is located in Burns Lake.