• Queen Charlotte City is accessible by ferry from Prince Rupert on the BC mainland and by air from various centres across the province. The local airport and ferry terminal are located on Graham Island, which is a 20 min ferry ride from the City itself.

    The Queen Charlotte Islands are approximately 725 km north of Vancouver. There is also a road network that connects Queen Charlotte City to other communities in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

    Medical students and residents do not need a vehicle during their rural rotation in Queen Charlotte City.

    There are daily flights by Air Canada Jazz from Vancouver International Airport to Sandspit. If you are coming from Prince Rupert, plane service can also be booked through North Pacific Seaplanes from the Prince Rupert Seaplane base into Queen Charlotte City.

    Ferry Schedules
    To get to Queen Charlotte City by vehicle you have to take the BC Ferries sailing from Prince Rupert to Skidegate Landing. Once at Skidegate Landing, travel west for 2 km (1.2 miles) to arrive at Queen Charlotte City.

    Car Rentals
    Car and RV Rentals

  • The Village of Queen Charlotte website provides valuable information about the community, relocation and local businesses.

    The Village of Queen Charlotte has Northern Savings Credit Union on Causeway Street.


    The Village of Queen Charlotte is in Haida Gwaii School District #50. The island is small and children will attend various community schools from K-12.

    Queen Charlotte Secondary School

    Box 70, 701 Highway 33
    Queen Charlotte, BC, V0T 1S0
    P: 250 559-8822 | F: 250 559-8328

    Visitor Center
    Queen Charlotte Visitor Centre
    3220 Wharf Street
    Queen Charlotte City, BC, V0T 1S0
    P: 250 559-8316 | F: 250 559-8952

  • The art, culture, and history of the Haida can be discovered in the many art studios and galleries in the communities around Queen Charlotte City. You will find jewellery, basketry, carvings, and totem poles. In nearby Skidegate, visit the Haida Heritage Centre at Qay’llnagaay which has exhibits about Haida history, art, and culture.

    The southern islands are known as the Gwaii Haanas which means “Place of Beauty.” Guided tours of the Gwaii Haanas are available, where you can see abandoned Haida villages and ancient weathered totem poles. One of the sites, SGang Gwaay (Anthony Island), was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981 and it is home to the most impressive collection of standing Haida mortuary poles in the world.