The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) advocates for greater equity in rural, remote, and Indigenous healthcare in British Columbia, and supports rural health education improvements through collaboration, communication, and ongoing relationship building. Given our network’s close collaboration with British Columbia’s Indigenous peoples, we have developed a progress report to keep us, and our network partners, accountable to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action to advance reconciliation.

To create this progress report, which we will assess on a quarterly basis, we identified the Calls to Action that align with RCCbc’s mandate. We then asked our healthcare leaders and staff to reflect on, and assess, how their current work contributes to these Calls to Action. In addition to learning about the considerations and contributions that our teams have made so far, we also discovered areas of work that still need our attention.

We recognize that it is crucial for us to embed our commitment to reconciliation into our vision, mission, and values, and proactively incorporate the identified Calls to Action into the planning and development stages of our projects. We are also committed to continuing to to call ourselves and our network partners in, assess the frameworks for our work, ask tough questions, and lean into any discomfort that the reconciliation process presents.

Under the guidance of the RCCbc for Inclusion, Social Justice and Equity Reference Group, we will continue to advocate for reconciliation and support others seeking further education and guidance.


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