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Building point‑of‑care ultrasound capacity in rural emergency departments: An educational innovation

Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine

Authors: Kathryn Young, Nicole Moon, Tandi Wilkinson

Publication date: October 2021


Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) use is the standard of care in emergency medicine , but rural physicians face barriers to obtaining and retaining this skill and cite low confidence in their use of POCUS. Without access to high-quality educational opportunities, this important clinical tool may not be used to its full potential in rural hospitals. The Hands-On Ultrasound Education (HOUSE) programme, launched in 2015 by the University of British Columbia’s (BC) Division of Rural Continuing Professional Development, is a rurally focused POCUS training and education programme that travels to rural and remote communities and aims to build a rural POCUS community of practice within BC. This study presents and evaluates the HOUSE programme.

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