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Family Practice Anesthetists (FPA) Network


The Family Practice Anesthesia (FPA) Network is a collegial provincial network that connects family practice anaesthetists (FPAs) from across British Columbia. Network members discuss and disseminate critical information related to their practices, including clinical questions, recruitment and retention, current political issues, and opportunities for continuing medical education. 


Developed and delivered a webinar series

A regional anaesthesia webinar series was developed and delivered. This program linked specialist anesthesiologists with the FPA network through an interactive series of educational and network-building online sessions about various regional anesthesia techniques. It also offered participants an opportunity to follow-up with support for FPAs to offer regional blocks to their patients within their communities with specialist coaching using real time virtual technology. Sessions were well-attended, and evaluations were very positive.

Hosted an in-person FPA Refresher conference

The annual FPA Refresher conference returned to a live format this year after years of virtual delivery. The conference was held in Vancouver at the Pinnacle Harbourfront on November 18-20, 2022. Attendance was slightly lower than in previous years, a predictable result as physicians gradually transition to a post pandemic way of life. Attendees came from across the country and the event was a success with very good evaluations. RCCbc generously provided significant financial supported for the event. Planning is underway for another in-person event for 2023.

Deployed a national survey

There is an absence of literature about the national FPA workforce, the capacity of rural hospitals to contribute to the expansion of surgical output and the relationships between rural surgical sites with larger centres in British Columbia and across Canada. This year the team developed and delivered a national survey titled “Canadian Anesthesia Workforce: An Environmental Scan of our Human Resources”. The survey was distributed across the BC network and also through national listservs in collaboration with the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society. Data analysis and publication efforts are underway.

Explore the Numbers

66 Participants at FPA Refresher

66 Participants at FPA Refresher

The conference was held in Vancouver at the Pinnacle Harbourfront from November 18 to 20.

Plans for the Future

Work is underway to develop and deliver an online journal club to members of the network.  Dr. Kirk McCarroll has connected with UBC CPD to help develop the activity, with the aim of starting the journal club in the fall. 

The group will also continue work towards publication of the Environmental Scan of Canadian FPA resources.

Team Members

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Paul Kendal

Networks Coordinator

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