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Community Engagement Action Plan

The Community Engagement Action Plan (CEAP) will help build genuine, trusted, collaborative and long-term relationships between RCCbc and rural communities across British Columbia. By enhancing these relationships, rural communities’ voices will be better heard and understood—and RCCbc will be better able to support rural communities.


Created the Info Hub

The Info Hub has made significant progress this year. With the necessary architecture in place, the CEAP team are now able to link and populate valuable community information that is easily accessible and updatable. Currently, the Info Hub includes essential community information and stories, and serves as a dynamic tool that connects RCCbc activities and programs. This facilitates better coordination among RCCbc staff, reduces redundancies and eliminates internal silos. Going forward, the aim is to expand the Info Hub by forging external organizational connections with communities and incorporating more reliable information such as community services and facilities data. By doing so, the Info Hub will serve as a valuable resource for the RCCbc network, enabling us to better coordinate efforts and engage with the communities we serve.

Launched the Community Connector cohorts

At RCCbc, we recognize the importance of building strong, collaborative, and lasting relationships with rural communities across British Columbia. To achieve this, 12 staff members have been onboarded as ‘Community Connectors’ who will serve as a vital link between the RCCbc network and rural communities. The goal is to link all RCCbc staff to all RSA communities by the end of 2023, ensuring that the network’s engagement with the community is well-supported. The role of a Community Connector goes beyond a mere job title and is an integral part of all the work done at RCCbc. By staying up-to-date with community information and having an understanding of the community’s needs, Community Connectors serve as reliable bridges between our collective efforts to support rural health in BC. We understand that we are on a learning journey together and are committed to building a strong community practice amongst all Community Connectors, which is supported by the CEAP team. CEAP is not just an action plan; it is an essential part of who we are at RCCbc. #weareceap

Project synergies and network engagement within RCCbc

The CEAP Team recently had the opportunity to engage with the RCCbc network during the past two CORE meetings. This was a valuable chance to provide updates on CEAP progress, address any inquiries, and gather valuable feedback and ideas to guide future endeavors. The team were thrilled to discover that RCCbc’s network has an impressive 923 connections with 177 rural communities. As a result, CEAP has initiated a project and activities mapping process to improve coordination efforts, explore potential project synergies, and ensure alignment with community touchpoints. Moving forward, the team remains committed to gaining a deeper understanding of rural communities and the various ways in which the RCCbc can engage with them more effectively.

Explore the Numbers

923 Connections

923 Connections

across the 177 rural communities with RCCbc's network. This will support improved coordination efforts, explore potential project synergies, and ensure alignment with community touchpoints.

12 Staff Members

12 Staff Members

have been onboarded as 'Community Connectors'. They will serve as a vital link between the RCCbc network and rural communities.

Plans for the Future

CEAP will continue to develop its internal capacity not only to better share information and coordinate its work, but also staff’s collective capacity as ‘community connectors’ to act as a bridge between the RCCbc and the rural communities we serve. The ‘Info Hub’ will grow to include more useful community information to facilitate engagement, and we explore project synergies, internally and externally. The CEAP team continue to facilitate and support RCCbc’s staff and network in our collective learning journey to develop trusted relations with the rural communities we serve.  

Team Members

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