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Surgical Skills 


Rural communities benefit when rural providers are trained in Obstetrical Surgical Skills (OSS) and Family Physician Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS). These two programs support health equity by allowing rural community members to access care, including maternity services, closer to home. 


Hysteroscopy workshops delivered

Two Hysteroscopy for ESS/OSS Family Physicians workshops were delivered this year – one in Vancouver at the Vancouver General Hospital Sim Centre and a second in Banff at the Rural Surgical Skills Update. These workshops brought in FP-ESS/OSS providers from across Canada, with B.C. physicians from Vanderhoof, Revelstoke, and Golden. Both workshops received unanimously positive reviews. 

Skills camp organized

The Surgical Management of Obstetrical Complications Skills Camp was accredited, planned, and ready to kick off by the end of 2022-23, with the workshop taking place early in April 2023.

Nine providers from across Canada were registered, a combination of the incoming, current, and recent FP-OSS/ESS residents.  

Virtual OSS rounds continued

The monthly OSS Virtual Rounds continued throughout the year, alternating between presentations from Obstetricians and case discussions amongst the national OSS/ESS community. Planning has begun to integrate more ESS-specific topics into upcoming Virtual Rounds. 

Explore the Numbers

2 Hysteroscopy workshops

2 Hysteroscopy workshops

During 2022-23, two Hysteroscopy for ESS/OSS Family Physicians workshops were delivered in Vancouver & Banff.

170 Members connected via email

170 Members connected via email

The Rural Surgery & Obstetrics email list continues to grow, with 170 members across Canada.

Making a Difference

This year was the first time in many years where the program has had the opportunity to bring the OSS/ESS group together – from the two hysteroscopy workshops to the Banff conference – attendees enjoyed meeting each other in person, after previously only connecting virtually.

OSS Online continues to be a hub for rural surgical and obstetrical providers. Both residents and rural clinicians continue to access the clinical resources and learning modules, with the site hosting details on the Virtual Rounds, email list, and OSS/ESS Locum opportunities across Canada. In addition, recordings of past OSS Virtual Rounds sessions continue to grow and are frequently accessed by team members.  

Plans for the Future

Following the Skills Camp in early April 2023, the team will connect back with the national OSS/ESS program leads to determine the frequency and topics for future skills camps based on feedback from these first participants. Virtual Rounds will continue, integrating ESS topics into the sessions, and new website content will be added as needed. 

Team Members

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