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Mindfulness in Medicine 

Mindfulness in Medicine is a program that offers Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) sessions to rural providers. The sessions help providers navigate uncertainty, process upheaval, and optimize creativity. In pausing together, providers can care for one another in ways that activates our personal and collective resilience. This participatory, trauma-sensitive course consists of eight weekly 2.5-hour classes and one day-long class on a Saturday. 


Positive feedback from training participants

A total of 16 participants completed this training in mindfulness, with participation from all regions of the province. This cohort ran from October 2022 through to December 2022. While most participants were physicians, several midwives and nurse practitioners also attended, alongside one RCCbc staff member. Feedback from pre and post surveys indicated positive changes across the cohorts, in terms of both significantly reduced levels of perceived stress and improved levels of emotional regulation. Through qualitative measures, participants have also described a sense of renewal, a deeper connection to self and others, and greater capacity in setting healthy boundaries despite the challenges of the current system.

Grew a community of practice

A community of practice has continued to grow, with drop-in monthly meetings running from September 2022 through March 2023. Providers who had participated in the 2022 cohort were invited to join, alongside previous MBSR alumni from both rural and urban settings. These sessions provided opportunities to practice together, while also integrating mindfulness into work and life through addressing various themes. Topics included disrupting perfectionism, self-compassion, moral distress, setting boundaries, anti-racism, and trauma renegotiation. These sessions have been well-attended, with 15-30 providers attending monthly. The series will continue through June 2023.

Explore the Numbers

16 Training Participants

16 Training Participants

A total of 16 participants completed this training in mindfulness, with participation from all regions of the province.

Plans for the Future

Mindfulness in Medicine will continue offering one or two eight-week programs per year. The group is exploring the possibility of having one cohort be for rural BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) healthcare providers, in recognition of the unique challenges they may be facing. 

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