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Rural Health Learning Collaborative 

The Rural Health Learning Collaborative supports structures that build social accountability into health system improvement through the development of relationships between partner groups within the system.  

Core Members including Alison James and Dr. Nelly Oelky participate in a data mapping exercise at our December, 2023 Core gathering.


Fostering Connections

In 2023, the Rural Health Learning Collaborative (RHLC) continued to support the work of collective perspective groups for Rural Citizens and Linked Sectors. These groups, each convened by a partnership between a rural and a provincial organization, provide a venue for discussion of key and emergent issues among peers. These conversations inform healthcare system transformation work being done at partnership tables and committees in a safe and creative space that generates ideas based on existing priorities, as well as surfacing new priority areas for work.

This year, two new chairs were recruited for the Providers group who have re-engaged the perspective group. The collaborative also broadened its voice to include an Academic Perspective Group with a focus on learners, educators, and researchers.

Knowledge Translation

Members from the various RHLC perspective groups actively contribute to a range of health-related forums, bringing the rural viewpoint to the forefront. Instances of this involvement include participation in a digital health conference, engagement with the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, and the Union of BC Municipalities.

The RHLC’s efforts took center stage at an international leadership conference, shining a spotlight on the utilization of the Partnership Pentagram Plus methodology in advancing rural health transformation. Health leaders deeply engaged with the Pentagram Plus model contributed to a panel discussion, showcasing the tangible effects of this pioneering approach.

Research Engagement

The RCCbc Scientific Directors continued to engage with research partners through the health care system to support the rural lens and build research capacity. Dr. Dee Taylor and Dr. Nelly Oelke bring their expertise to projects, advisory groups, and partnership tables, acting as a sounding board to provide a robust research and evaluation footing underlying these initiatives. They also work with individual physicians and researchers to develop and support rural research on specific topics of interest.

Plans for the Future

RCCbc will be hosting a Virtual Rural Health Summit in 2024. Members of the perspective groups will participate in intersectoral dialogue about health and healthcare in British Columbia.

Team Members

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