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Introducing Our New Monthly Feature: Innovation Station

Posted October 19, 2022

This month, we’re introducing a new feature in our newsletter, called “Innovation Station”. It’s our chance to tell you about one of more than 100 (and counting) innovations—creative solutions—that rural British Columbia (BC) communities have developed to address local healthcare challenges. All innovations shared by local organizations are available on RCCbc’s newly-launched Innovations website, curated by our Rural Site Visits project team as they visit all 201 RSA communities in BC.


In our first instalment of “Innovation Station”, find out how the Northern Medical Program is driving good health home to truckers by meeting them exactly where they are.


If you’re looking for ideas, big or small, to improve healthcare in your community, but aren’t sure where to start on the Innovations web site, reach out to our Innovations Concierge, Tracey DeLeeuw at 1-888-908-8222, or by email at Tracey can recommend innovations to explore, facilitate connections between you and other innovators, or just talk through what issues you wish to address. Be sure to visit now to explore the site.

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