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The CHARLiE team includes pediatricians, pediatric emergency physicians, and pediatric intensivists who are available 24/7 by Zoom to provide specialized pediatric support to rural healthcare providers.


Support includes:


  • reviewing a case;
  • helping to navigate the healthcare system including patient transfer;
  • carrying out a full consult over Zoom;
  • providing collaborative support;
  • running through simulation scenarios;
  • other situations as needed by rural providers.


CHARLiE physicians will partner with CompassBC, a program that provides virtual support to providers managing children and youth living with mental health and substance use concerns.


Nurses at nursing outpost stations can call CHARLiE directly or obtain a referral to CHARLiE through RUDi.


Visit the RUDi (Emergency) and MaBAL (Maternity and Newborn) pages for more information on the other two Instant Access pathways for providers in rural and remote BC.

CHARLiE (Pediatrics)

Add Zoom contact: [email protected] | Phone: 236.305.5352

Please do not email the RTVS Pathway Zoom email address, provided above. Messages sent to the address will not be received.

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How to Connect

If you received a Zoom account through RCCbc or Interior Health, the RTVS Pathway contacts are pre-populated and ready to use. Just open Zoom on your computer, phone, or tablet. If you are signed in, you will see all available RTVS pathways under “All Contacts”. Select the Pathway you wish to connect with and click “Meet” for an instant call.


If your Zoom account was provided by a health authority other than IH or you signed up for your own account (outside of RCCbc), you will need to add the RTVS contacts to your account. The CHARLiE contact to add is: [email protected]


For health authority accounts other than IH, it may take up to 24 hours for your contact request to be accepted, so contacts will show as “pending” until then.


If you need assistance adding contacts, watch the video about adding contacts.


There are three ways to connect to RTVS, via Zoom, over the phone and via FNHA Telehealth Cart. Watch the video below to learn more.


CHARLiE poster

Whether you are a physician, midwife, resident, nurse practitioner, first responder or nurse in a rural, remote or First Nations community, you can make CHARLiE part of your rural healthcare team. Download the CHARLiE poster and print it and post it at your rural health site to keep the pathway top of mind.

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