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Make the most of Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) with these resources.

RTVS Poster

The Real-Time Virtual Support Poster is aimed at helping physicians, residents, midwives, nurse practitioners, and nurses in rural, remote, and First Nations communities navigate through the RTVS pathways. It includes all the information needed to connect with Virtual Physicians when providers need their support.

RTVS One-Pager

The Real-Time Virtual Support One-Pager can be shared with healthcare teams who want to learn more about RTVS peer pathways.

RTVS iPad on Wheels

Many rural sites now have an iPad on wheels which they can take to the bedside for RTVS calls. It is usually your Health Authority that funds equipment purchases.


Other sources of funding for new RTVS equipment:



RTVS logo and branding

Download our RTVS Logo & Brand Identity Guidelines.


Not sure what file to use? Have a look at our one-page explainer.


RTVS Horizontal Logo


RTVS Upright Logo

Getting Started

To learn how to get started with your own free Zoom for Healthcare account with access to RTVS Contacts, visit the Getting Started page.

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