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Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) peer pathways are for physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives—and, in some cases, first responders—in rural, remote, and First Nations communities in BC. Calling RTVS is like calling a friend. We are here for you when you need free and friendly clinical support at the click of a button.

RTVS has been a huge benefit to my practice and to patient care. The physicians we consult teach and work in a collaborative way making the consults effective and positive experiences. Our assessment skills are valued and utilized daily. I can’t say enough good things about RTVS.

Rural Physician

About RTVS Peer Pathways

Rural providers in BC can connect with on-call RTVS peer pathway providers over Zoom or over the phone for clinical help. Our 24/7 Instant Access pathways are staffed by friendly, compassionate physicians who understand the rural context. Our three Instant Access pathways are RUDi (Emergency), MaBAL (Maternity & Newborns) and CHARLiE (Pediatrics). We also have six RTVS Quick Reply peer pathways that are available weekdays during business hours.


RTVS virtual providers are eager to help with both urgent and non-urgent cases and questions, including:


  • case consultations;
  • second opinions;
  • ongoing patient support;
  • point-of-care ultrasound;
  • patient simulation scenarios;
  • help navigating the healthcare system;
  • coordinating patient transport.


Calling an RTVS virtual provider is like calling a friend. They offer friendly, compassionate, non-judgmental, and culturally safe support while understanding the context of providing care in rural places.

Do you have any feedback about your RUDi, MaBAL, CHARLiE or Quick Reply encounter?

RTVS Compliments and Complaints

RTVS Report

RTVS Evaluation Report for 2022-23

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Benefits of RTVS

RTVS peer pathways help ensure that rural healthcare providers are properly supported and rural patients receive more equitable access to healthcare. More specifically, RTVS pathways:


  • Establish collegial relationships between RTVS virtual providers and rural healthcare providers to facilitate team-based patient care and build a stronger community of practice.
  • Increase confidence, and reduce isolation, of healthcare providers who provide patient care in rural, remote, and First Nations communities in British Columbia.
  • Increase mentoring and educational opportunities for rural healthcare providers—especially new-to-practice physician residents.
  • Improve the recruitment and retention of rural healthcare providers.
  • Increase availability and access to timely, quality healthcare services for patients in rural, remote, and First Nations communities, reducing their risk, time, and expense traveling for medical appointments.
  • Offer a cost-effective and sustainable model for British Columbia’s health system needs.

Learn how to get started with RTVS peer supports!

Getting Started

RTVS Partners

RTVS exists thanks to a strong commitment from all partners to use virtual technology to enhance provider wellness and patient care. In addition to the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, the RTVS family includes:



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