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Four simple steps to getting started

Step 1 – Learn about Real-Time Virtual Support


Read more about RTVSfind answers to some frequently asked questions—and attend a 30-minute “Introduction to RTVS” session with RTVS Technical Support via Zoom. Encourage your team members to attend this session with you.


Book an RTVS Intro Session





Step 2 – Get Access to Zoom


If you are a rural physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, or midwife, you can request a Zoom account from the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc). After submitting your request, RTVS Technical Support will send your Zoom account invitation within 24 hours. You must also download Zoom onto your computer, phone, or tablet.


Request an RCCbc Zoom Account


If you already have a Zoom account from your health authority, or the Provincial Health Services Authority, you may use that account to access the RTVS Pathways. Find out more about the accounts available through the Provincial Health Services Authority here.




Step 3 – Find the RTVS Pathway Contacts in Zoom


If you received a Zoom account through RCCbc or Interior Health, the RTVS Pathway contacts are pre-populated and ready to use. Just open Zoom on your computer, phone, or tablet. If you are signed in, you will see all available RTVS pathways under “All Contacts”. Select the Pathway you wish to connect with and click “Meet” for an instant call.


If you have a Zoom account through a health authority other than Interior Health, or the Provincial Health Services Authority, you must manually add the RTVS Pathway contacts.


  • Open Zoom on your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Click on the “Contacts” button in Zoom.
  • Click on the “+” button and select “Invite a Zoom Contact”.
  • Enter each of the RTVS Pathway addresses in the grid below.
  • It can take a few hours for your contact requests to be approved.
  • Once approved, the RTVS pathways will now show up in your ‘External Contacts’ in Zoom.
  • Zoom is the preferred method of communication for RTVS Pathways; however, telephone numbers are provided as backup.


Step 4 – Call Us to Practice


You can call any of the pathways to practice calling RTVS. Mornings are usually less busy than afternoons. If the provider is busy with a clinical call, he or she may ask you to call back. Calls through the RTVS pathways have been certified for up to 30.0 Mainpro+ credits and accredited up to 30.0 MOC Section 1 credits by UBC CPD.


For more information and to request a certificate, visit the UBC CPD RTVS Accreditation page.

How to connect with RTVS

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